Hello there, today its rather special, because I've filmed ever first card video, its something that's been on my mind to do but never actually managed to achieve it. This little blog of mine is coming up to being six years old this year, which is totally unbelievable and its gone within flash. So it… Continue reading Valentines


Carta Bella Spring Market

Hello there, hope you are having lovely weekend, the weather here in the UK is in the mist of mini heatwave, surprisingly this happens now and again. Today is a lot cooler, which is super lovely. Today I'm back with this gorgeous wreath design, using rainbow colours, that's definitely a must. Started by opening the… Continue reading Carta Bella Spring Market

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Love You

Hello, today I'm sharing this darling design that I created using die element purchased from the Silhouette Design Store. I'm sure you agree, but I love to use colour whenever I can and this card is no exception. Started by creating A2 US card blank, by chopping down a sheet of A4 white card using… Continue reading Love You

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Kitty | Doodlebug Designs

Hello there, I'm back today sharing this delightfully cute card that was especially for my Mum for Mother's Day which was yesterday here in the UK. My Mum and I simply love cats and what better could it be than a cat on my Mum's card. Opened the silhouette software on my computer, started with… Continue reading Kitty | Doodlebug Designs

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Happy Birthday Mum

Hello, today I'm back with you today sharing a very special card that was made...you guessed it, my Mum. I love to make a really special card for my Mum, so this is what I came up with. Yes it had to be colourful and sparkle a little too. Opened tab in the silhouette software… Continue reading Happy Birthday Mum

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Today I'm back with this lovely little design that I'm loving using at the moment, that is colour, its something that is feeding my inspiration. Do you love colour too, please do share your comments below, I'd love to know. Started with A2 US size black card blank, opened up the silhouette cameo software on… Continue reading Hooray

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Love You Lots

Hello, well I'm back with you today sharing this cute little mandala design, that was designed my yours truly, I've been looking into designing my own die cut elements for a while now, but only recently managed to get it done using the wonderful silhouette cameo software to help me create it. Started with A2… Continue reading Love You Lots


Silhouette Cameo Card & Update

Hello, can you believe this is my post of 2021 today which to say its February is pretty mad, but I must share this with you my followers that the past few months haven't be plain sailing and many of you may know that I suffer with chronic health condition that effects my everyday life… Continue reading Silhouette Cameo Card & Update



It was my Mum's seventh birthday a few weeks back and really wanted to create that ultimate special card for such special occasion. My Mum loves to have a slightly bigger sized card than my normal US A2 card, so with that in mind this is the design I came up with. Started with card… Continue reading Seventh


New Baby | Silhouette Cameo

Today I'm sharing a card that was designed especially for lovely couple Chris and Eve  who I'm friends with on Instagram and they recently had baby girl called Rose back in September, who is truly adorable and very beautiful I must say. So this was the card I sent to them to congratulate them on… Continue reading New Baby | Silhouette Cameo